Star Wars  


Trade Federation Armored Assault Tank


The second model I ever made. The first was a car I made as a promo piece for a course my job had me take.

Bonus Fan Mod!


Armored Assault Tank Turret Mod        by Tirick Fire


Sean "Tirick Fire" Kelly over on swminiatures made a great add-on that lets you seat a commander droid in the turret. Includes hatch & traversing mod.

Bonus Fan Mod!


OOM Commander Droid                        by Tirick Fire


Sean "Tirick Fire" Kelly made a set of paper droids as well. Make the commander version from the waist up and you've got your tank commander!


Rebel S-1 Firehawke Repulsortank


The third model I ever made, also one of the best.


TX-130 Sabre-class Fighter Tank


The first model I made with a turret that can seat a mini. Now it's also available as a Tile.


Rebel Technical


I had a lot of fun with this one. I hated how most "Combat Landspeeders" either looked like Luke's speeder with a gun, or like a tank. I think this looks like some space rednecks just bolted a blaster in the bed of a pickup.


Imperial Troop Carrier


From the failed computer game Force Commander. Add Rebellion and you've got the reason why I think LucasArts hasn't made a good game in house in years. A shame really, the X-wing franchise needs a prequel game.


Super Battledroid Dispenser


From Republic Commando. A great game that begs for a sequel. If you assemble this model with care the dispenser will open and close.


Techno Union Shuttle


A scaled down and modified personal version of the Hardcell transport. It's small footprint makes it a good set piece or scenario objective. Had I made it full size it would be bigger then your house.


Chariot Command Speeder


This is a great example of oversized Star Wars vehicles. At it's listed length it takes up two whole lanes of traffic. I may make a smaller version that is 11.8 feet long, which I suspect is the actual intended size of this speeder.


TIE Mauler Tank


Made this as a request from someone, I don't remember who. It's from Empire at War. Yes, I see the irony of an RTS game model on the tabletop.


Shuttle Cockpit and Ramp


This probably should be in the terrain section. The whole thing seemed like it would be too big to actually use, so I lopped off the head. I might consider eventually making the rest of it if there's a demand.


Low Altitude Assault Transport


My third attempt at a LAAT, and the only successful one. I used several different references for this one. The end result is roughly to scale (depending on your source) and happily seats (or would it be stands?) several clones. 




The LAAT, but with the "Blue Rancor" paint scheme seen in use by the ARC Troopers in the Clone Wars cartoon series.


Clone Wars LAAT Hull Mod


From the Clone Wars animated series. I had to completely redo the doors for this bad boy.


Delta-class DX-9 Transport


The other Space-Huey. A classic from the X-wing series, includes interior spaces and forward and rear ramps.


TIE Bomber (Flight Model)


Though intended for use with my flight stand, it is of similar scale as the fighters in WotC made tiles so it might be useful as a static model.


Moldy Crow (Display Model)


Ugly as heck, but in a really cooling looking way. Warning: This model is a big one.


Y-wing (Display Model)


For use in those all important hanger shoot outs.


Z-95 Headhunter (Display Model)


Based on the X-wing concept art commonly used to represent a Z-95.


Republic Artillery


From the Clone Wars animated movie. I made this one at a higher resolution then usual.


Imperial Repulsorscout


See the adventure module "Planet of Mists" for more information.


T4-B Tank

by Mikki Haight


Another tank from Empire at War.


TIE Fighter (Display Model)


Just a TIE, nothing more, nothing less.


Anti-Infantry Turret





Original Designs



Police Cruiser


A simple police cruiser, great for enforcing the law and/or chasing PCs in a modern adventure.




Technically a combat landspeeder cobbled together from spare parts for my RPG campaign. However since there are no "canon" vehicles that fit the design I just gave it a similar paintjob so I could keep all the rights and such.


Portable Torpedo Launcher


A small warhead launcher, use as appropriate.


Speeder Truck


Just an outer space flatbed. I'll be making different containers to load on the back in the future.


Personnel Pod


A pod to carry troops in the back of a Speeder Truck.


Flight Stand


A flight stand for use with flying models.




Big Pink Crystals


The only model I would consider to be "Fabulous!" Great for those out there that can't get their hands on pink insulation foam. Not really sure why I chose pink....


Crashed UFO


X-com is still one of the coolest (and hardest) games ever made. Now that it's on Steam, there's no excuse not to play it.


Skyranger VTOL


Also from the X-Com series, a great game, even if it did come from the 90's. I made some minor modifications to the design to help with it's overall appearance and to give it a slightly more modern look.


Arid Planet Buildings

4"x4" Ground Floor, 4"x4" Upper Floor, 4"x2" Building/Upper Floor, Canvas Roof, Tall Roof, Destroyed Building, Turbine Building, Building Accessories, Tall Tower, Roof Access Building, Arch, Pest Control Billboard

I made this town for a battle I was sure I would win. Unfortunately I misstatted some things and relied too much on reinforcements. The result was....not as I had hoped.